Blitz Casino opts for Megalux

The casino and gaming halls sector was already ahead in the use of advertising screens. Distinctiveness in relation to competition is of great importance. LED Screens are an ideal tool for this.

The famous casino Blitz – Supergame in Antwerp, Belgium, opted for a Megalux arge format LED advertising screen that adorns the new façade of almost 40 meters long. The high-resolution and high brightness screen, part of a major renovation of the casino facilities, is located in all the windows available to the casino in its new façade and reproduces dynamic and attractive videos about the casino. With the installation of this screen, the casino has taken a big step in its visual attention value and attracts the attention of passers-by and traffic.

The Blitz casino has been operating in Antwerp for more than 25 years and is the largest operator among the casinos in the area. With Megalux, Blitz – Supergame is taking a new step in digital advertising screens to offer its services to the public in a new large format.