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Megalux offers you the possibility to finance an LED Display and we would like to explain more about this on this page. We help you by giving you some points to consider in the run-up to your choice. Prior to purchasing your LED Display, we can, if desired, help you in choosing the best solution for your situation. We work together with a number of renowned financial institutions. For us this is a service to our customers. If you want to use financing, the financier will check whether this is possible in your situation. Megalux cannot influence this check. And we don’t want that either. The financier can also set additional conditions, depending on your situation. When this process is complete, you can enter into financing. This can be done according to two different constructions: the Operational Lease and the Financial lease. The financing options offer several advantages, including for companies that want to maintain their liquidity. We will give you some insight into the answers to a few important questions that are relevant in your decisions about choosing financing. Incidentally, we do not offer you financial advice. Should you need financial advice, please consult your financial advisor or accountant.

Operational Lease

Operational Lease is also referred to as the off-balance sheet financing. This way of financing offers you an attractive alternative to purchasing your LED Display. Instead of owning the LED Display, with all the accounting obligations that this entails, you only pay for the use through this construction. In this case, the financier therefore bears the risk of the depreciation of your LED Display. You do have the full right of use. At the end of the agreed term, you can return the equipment, or extend the lease time, if you wish. Some advantages of leasing your LED Display in this way are:

  • You keep your cash for other investments;
  • No peak investments but fixed operating costs;
  • No pre-financing of VAT;
  • Reduction of administrative burdens.

With an Operational Lease you are bound by the agreed term of your lease contract. You are responsible for keeping your LED Display and the content you want to show on it operational.

Financial lease

The Financial Lease is also called the on-balance financing. With this way of financing you buy the LED Display yourself and you make use of a financing. The LED Display is therefore included as a business asset on your balance sheet (in case of business use). And you write off it annually. So you do have a number of accounting obligations to take into account here. You also bear the risk of depreciation of your LED Display. At the end of the term, your LED Display is completely unencumbered by your possession. Some advantages of a financial lease form are:

  • You become the owner of your LED Display.
  • You also retain liquidity for other investments here, but your financing scope may decrease.
  • You pre-finance the VAT on the purchase, but you can deduct this via your declaration.
  • You are completely free to use your LED Display.


In addition to these financing options, we also offer the LED As A Service concept. This can suit you well if you want to be more flexible and do not want to have to worry about your LED display. Even if you want to use the LED Display for a longer period of time and want to be completely unburdened. We can therefore provide the content, continuous monitoring and offer technical support. Curious? You can read all about it on this page.

It is important to know how flexible you want to be. When you take out a form of financing, you bind yourself for a longer period. Often several years. So, think carefully about your main goal that you want to achieve with the LED Display. When you want to give an office or commercial space a great look, the trade-off is different than when you aim for a revenue model with your LED Display.

Also ask yourself whether you want to own the LED Display or not. When you are used to purchasing company resources, the trade-off is different than when you are a service provider with few company resources. Do you have the time to write off your LED display in five or perhaps seven years? Or is it more important that you have the latest technology again after a few years? Do you like to maintain control and take care of things yourself, or do you want to outsource this? And do you want to take the risk of depreciation, for example? Or not.

There is a lot to consider when choosing the right financing. For most of our customers, the process to financing is a hassle-free process. It often quickly becomes clear what is possible in your situation. We are happy to help you.

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