Indoor LED Display

An Indoor LED Display is designed to be used in indoor areas. These screens are also suitable for use at trade fairs and events, in addition to retail, office or business premises. In fact, these screens can be placed anywhere, as long as they are not exposed to rain. Choosing the right type of screen is no easy task, it must be carefully considered in advance. Some points that determine your choice:

  • What is the goal you want to achieve?
  • Which target group do you want to appeal to?
  • In which room and where should it be placed?
  • How much light is there in the room?
  • What is the minimum and maximum viewing distance from the Display?
  • What are the image requirements?
  • What kind of content do you want to show?
  • Will it be a straight, curved or 360 ° Display?

We give you a little more insight into the above points and the questions that have to do with your Indoor LED Display:

What is the goal you want to achieve?

Do you want to use the LED Display to only provide your customers or visitors with information or will the screen also fulfill a commercial function by presenting your products or services? Or maybe you want to use it for presentations? A different type of screen is most suitable for each purpose. An LED Display does not necessarily have to be large; it is also possible to place two or more Displays next to each other. Or use a smaller size Display.

Which target group should it appeal to?

Different rules apply to young people than to adults or the elderly. With the youth, the images must be flashy, impressive, and powerful and we speak of a high output. With adults or the elderly, this is counterproductive as it is often too overwhelming. Here we recommend a medium or sometimes even low output, so low contrast and calm colors.

In which room and where should it be placed?

An indoor LED Display must be perfectly matched to the space and the behavior of the viewers. Do the viewers sit still (during a presentation) or are they passers-by (at a fair)? In which room and where in that room will the screen provide the highest possible attention value? And what kind of wall will this screen be mounted on? In more modern office, commercial and retail spaces, partition walls or metal stud walls are often used. You cannot just hang an LED display on it. It must also be considered that power and data lines must be supplied through this wall.

How much light is there in the room?

Is there a lot or little light in the room? The less light there is in the room, the less the number of lumens needed to produce highly visible images. If direct sunlight will shine on the screen, it is wise to choose a Shop window LED Display. Most Indoor Displays are suitable for producing powerful images in an average room, but it is always wise to measure this in advance.

What is the minimum and maximum viewing distance from the Display?

Both the minimum and the maximum viewing distance are important. A large viewing distance affects the size of the screen and the number of LEDs. But the minimum viewing distance is also important! Wanting a large LED Display as well as a sharp image from up close, will mean you will have to choose HD. The viewing distance is directly related to the pixel pitch you choose.

What are the image requirements?

This has already largely been discussed at the viewing distance. Sometimes the image requirements are very low and a simple screen with low resolution and color depth is sufficient. At a trade fair, a simple screen can be perfectly suitable if it only serves to enhance the atmosphere. But for professional presentations or conferences the image requirements will be higher.

What kind of content do you want to show?

This is also important for choosing the right screen. Are they mainly static images with little color, purely for illustration, or are they fast moving images with high frame rates (images per second) that should make a big impression? And will this be streamed live, or will it be played from a fixed carrier? The more complex the content, the more professional screen is required.

Will it be a straight, curved or 360 ° Display?

Most of the LED Displays worldwide have a sleek, straight back. This is understandable because they are often hung on a flat wall or wall. However, it is also possible to use screens that are curved or even circular. We can deliver almost any desired curvature, from slightly curved to 360 °. This allows images to be presented in a very striking and impressive way.

indoor LED Scherm XFR

XFR series indoor

This indoor LED Screen is ideal for advertising in stores, clinics, cinemas, malls, airports and train stations.

Indoor Led scherm XFN

XFN series indoor

With the XFN Series one can realize an HD LED Screen, for example Full HD, UHD and even 4K.

RNX series indoor

This LED screen offers the ability to create curves, circles, etc. This therefore allows you to set up screens in unusual shapes.

PMI series indoor

This LED screen is specially designed for indoor use in sports stadiums. And is applied as perimeter advertising.

Indoor LED Display applications

More information about the most chosen Indoor LED Display applications from Megalux can be found below. Can’t find the product you are looking for? Call or email us There is a good chance that we will make the product you are looking for.

Megalux Indoor LED Displays are perfectly suited to display your message, brand and content in an impressive way. Our LED Displays are of such quality that they provide a clear, sharp and high-contrast image. It is not without reason that many of our screens have already been placed in public locations. Our Indoor LED Displays have an IP40 protection value which means that they are resistant to splash water and dust. At Megalux we develop and manufacture our LED Displays ourselves and we do this in a circular manner as much as possible. We also consider sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship to be of paramount importance. Our customers can use the circular model of Megalux, for which we have created our Second Life & Recycling Programs. Our LED Displays are then taken back by us after use and fully recycled in the factory. This reduces our CO2 footprint and residual waste to a minimum.


When you have made these considerations, you are already well on the way to a suitable choice for your Indoor LED Display. Whatever you choose, Megalux LED Displays convey your message in an impressive way. Make an impact as required, prominently, or as part of the space. We develop the best applications for your situation. We do this entirely in-house.

Our product lines are of high quality and can compete with the top global brands. Together with our partners, we can guide your choice for a Megalux Indoor LED LED Display from A to Z. Would you like to know more about a particular product? Or do you not see the product you are looking for? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you.

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