Window LED Displays

Megalux Window LED Displays are perfectly suited to ensure that your message is optimally conveyed from the inside to the outside under any circumstance. Even in the middle of summer with full sun on your property, they also give the perfect picture. As we used for example at the Supergame Casino in Antwerp. We offer various models in almost any size with adjustable light intensities. There is always a Display that is suitable for your idea! Have you made the choice for the right Window LED Display application? Then it is good to think about the desired size of the LED Display. In applications within Retail for instance, we are often asked how to deal with multiple windows that are often separated by (closed) spaces in between. Because that is the reasoning, it is not possible to form one uninterrupted Display. Practice shows that this does not have to be a problem at all. When the content you show is adjusted in the right way, it is perfectly possible to create one large Showcase LED Display from several separate Displays that can work as one. So, you can use multiple windows to form one LED Display.

Window LED Displays

Shop window LED Displays are Displays that are specially designed to be used in situations where there is a lot of sunlight and daylight. These Displays have a higher brightness (light intensity) than the regular indoor LED Displays, so that the Display content also comes into its own when the sun is full on it.

So, when do you choose a Window Display LED Display? To begin with, these Displays are suitable for indoor situations. Of course, we also offer LED Displays with high brightness for outside use. These are the Outdoor Led Displays. As a rule, Outdoor LED Displays fall in a higher price range because they also have to be fully weather resistant. A Window LED Display is very suitable for use in a room with a lot of daylight and sunlight. With a regular Indoor LED Display you often fall short in these types of situations. Due to the lower light output, the content will not always be clearly visible.

Higher incidence of light often occurs in shop windows, office buildings with skylights or an atrium. You can often make an excellent initial estimate of the situation yourself. When in doubt, we can use equipment to measure how much light is present in the room and which LED Display is most suitable here. If your choice seems to be a Window LED Display, there are a number of things that you should take into account. Here too we are happy to help you on your way. We do this in the following ways:

  1. We map out what your wishes are, and which Window LED Displays are suitable for you
  2. We give you advice about the applications and possibilities of these Window LED Displays

A very important step is the choice for a regular Window LED Display or a Transparent Window LED Display. Because although you might think that a Transparent Window LED Display might not be a full-fledged LED Display, that is not true. Also, with a Transparent Window LED Display you can display just as beautiful an image as you can with a regular Window LED Display.

NLX Series Etalage

The NLX series LED Screens are specially designed for use in shop windows. The high brightness of 4500 nits ensures good visibility even with high light levels.

Megalux TNX Series Indoor Transparant

TNX Series Transparant Etalage

Highly transparent LED screen, allows for impressive advertising where one can still see through the screen. Available in different pixel pitches.

Transparent LED Displays

State of the art! Megalux also offers special Transparent Shop Window LED Displays, even in the form of a foil. The special thing about these screens is that you can see through the image, both from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside. This is what attracts attention! Only when the LED Display shows a full image with a somewhat higher light intensity (brightness) is the view from outside to inside temporarily obscured. The creative possibilities are endless. Just look at the Window Display LED Display that was placed at the PSV City Fanstore ( Our TNX Series Transparent was applied to this project.

An important detail is that we ensure that your Window LED Display has the correct brightness in all circumstances. This way your content is always perfectly visible, even in full sunlight. And the brightness is automatically reduced nicely when it gets dark or when a thick cloud cover passes. We do this with a light sensor that is connected to your Window LED Display. That way we can set the brightness exactly the way you want.

Circular production

We develop and manufacture our LED Displays ourselves and we do this in a circular manner as much as possible. Not only during manufacturing, but also during the use of an LED Display, we offer our customers the opportunity to be part of the circular model of Megalux. For this we have set up our second life and recycling programs. For example, we give used LED Displays a new destination. And the LED Displays that have reached “end of life” status are recycled.


Good to know is that as a retailer you can perfectly combine your Window LED Display with your non-digital display materials. A combination of the two often even leads to astonishingly beautiful results. With the LED Displays from Megalux, your shop window will stand out, without a doubt! You also increase your impact in full sunlight with powerful visual content. You attract more customers and boost your turnover. We develop top of the line display window applications. Ask us how. We are happy to help you.

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Window LED Displays

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