Window LED Displays

Window LED Displays

Shop window LED Displays are intended for indoor use, in situations where there is a lot of sunlight and daylight. These Displays have a higher brightness than the regular indoor LED Displays. You place a Window Display Led Display behind the glass. For example, in your shop window. A shop window must stand out. And stimulate. Appeal to the imagination. If you have access to a shop window or a glass facade at your location, you can use it perfectly. This is more difficult with traditional means. A Shop window LED Display greatly increases your options. Whether you use it as a background together with your traditional materials. Or as your entire shop window. Megalux LED Displays distinguish your facade. Even so in full sunlight. With super cool content you increase your impact. You attract more customers and boost your sales. We develop top of the line window Display applications. Even transparent ones. For example, PUMA and PSV chose this very solution. In this way you can look inside the store at one moment and create a complete picture the next.

NLX Series Etalage

The NLX series LED Screens are specially designed for use in shop windows. The high brightness of 4500 nits ensures good visibility even with high light levels.

TNX Series Transparant Etalage

Highly transparent LED screen, allows for impressive advertising where one can still see through the screen. Available in different pixel pitches.

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Window LED Displays

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