Sport plays an important role in the lives of many people. Whether we practice it as a hobby or as a professional. Enjoying sports is very important to many people. Sport is emotion. Persistence. Compassion. And sometimes super exciting. Sport is pre-eminently a sector in which visual experience is extremely important.

Experience is key in places such as sports centers, fitness clubs, football stadiums and race circuits. For all these stadiums, fields, clubs and all those places where we watch, practice and experience sports, the public is of enormous importance. Audiences at professional sports competitions are often an indispensable link in the budget. It is therefore very important to ensure an optimal experience. This can of course be done in many ways. But the use of LED Display applications greatly enhances the experience for the public and athletes. We only need to watch a professional basketball, baseball or ice hockey game in North America to see the living proof.

Megalux has been supplying both professional and non-professional sports venues with LED Display solutions for many years. For example, we have introduced the use of the digital logo wall for professional football clubs. The underlying business case was quickly made. And the flexibility and impact unprecedented. But also, more traditional applications such as LED Displays on stadium rings. Or a larger LED Display outside and inside a stadium.

Digitization is also increasingly making its way into the fitness industry. For example, with the use of Display applications for group lessons. And training concepts. Such LED Display applications can then be transformed into a part of the interior or advertising opportunity in an instant.

At Megalux we have already provided many customers in the sports industry with solutions that perfectly suit their specific situation.

We show you some great examples. The possibilities are endless.

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