Sports play an important role in the lives of many. Whether we practice it as a hobby or as a professional. Enjoying sports is very important to many people. Sport is emotion. Suffering. Feeling sorry for yourself. And often very exciting. Sports is a sector where visual experience is extremely important.

The experience is central in places like sports centers, fitness clubs, soccer stadiums and racetracks. For these stadiums, fields, clubs and other places where we watch, practice and experience sports, the audience is an important factor that deserves due attention. Audiences at professional sporting events are often an indispensable part of the budget. It is therefore of great importance to ensure an optimal experience.

The use of LED Display applications enhances the experience for spectators and athletes. The United States has been years ahead in this development and Europe needs a little more time before successful marketing concepts gain a foothold here. We only have to watch a professional basketball, baseball or ice hockey game and we see life-size screens positioned in different locations. This has several important advantages:

  • The match experience is taken to a higher level
  • The audience has a more detailed view on the match
  • Scores and other important messages can be presented in a highly visible way
  • Before, during and after the break, advertising is possible
  • The stadium looks more modern compared to stadiums without screens
  • Higher overall satisfaction of the public
  • Maximum output of advertising messages

Fans are offered premium visual experiences in sports stadiums with LED Displays. As with the Tampa Buccaneers. Premium season ticket holders are kept up to date on game statistics there with the latest curved LED Displays. No matter where you are in the stadium, you always have a good view of the game. Also the placement of several smaller LED Displays in the public areas such as the waiting lines for the restaurants or the toilets are greatly appreciated by visitors because they do not have to miss a moment of the match. An additional advantage is that the advertising revenue is also increased here. The attention value is high at these kinds of locations because of the boredom while waiting and this leads to positive returns.  Again, it is possible to provide visitors with important information such as expected waiting time, match score, menus, etc. Advertising revenue is also increased by expanding the number of customer contact points. And price-wise, this is always interesting. The most ideal way to increase customer engagement and customer spending.

When combined with data, the use of LED Displays is also an extremely powerful tool within sports. The screens improve the customer experience by keeping fans informed about queues at the toilets or in the catering area. By presenting this data to the audience, the hospitality revenue is increased. When a visitor takes the trouble to leave his/her seat, only to return empty-handed due to the long waiting line, this is anything but favorable. A second attempt is often postponed for as long as possible or even discontinued. This is something you want to avoid at all times. When there are several catering outlets in the stadium, the waiting times of all the outlets can be presented on the Display. This results in maximum turnover for the catering industry.

Static signage, banners and advertising boards are no longer any match for the flexibility and impact of LED Displays. As displays have become more and more favorably priced in recent years, the economic tipping point is being reached faster and faster. There are no longer any legitimate reasons to opt for traditional marketing concepts in high audience locations such as the sports industry. The content remains dynamic throughout the game, which is experienced as refreshing and more viewed than static advertising.

Megalux has been providing LED solutions to both professional and non-professional sports venues for many years. For example, we have introduced the use of the digital logo wall for several professional soccer clubs. In the press room of this Premiera Division club the traditional logo wall was replaced by an LED display.

And with that came an end to the often time-consuming work of adjusting the logo wall. This had to be done not only for the first team but often also for the other teams of the club that use the space. An additional advantage is that the logo wall can now also be used to watch and discuss moments of play. Something that was not possible before. Legion benefits and the decision to purchase was quickly made. Our own PSV stadium and other top clubs also use our impactful LED display solutions.

In addition to the large stadiums, there are many other possible applications in the sports industry. Within the fitness industry, for example, digitization is becoming increasingly popular. This includes the use of Display applications for group classes and training concepts. Such LED Display applications can then be transformed in no time into part of a flashy interior or be used for advertising purposes. Because LED Displays are becoming more affordable, this type of solution is also increasingly within the budget of the smaller local gym owner. Also here the practical advantages are enormous; a room for group lessons can be used for digital lessons. Online lessons in combination with technology such as myzone. In this way, the performance of the participants can be monitored by the instructor on a large screen.

Megalux has already provided many clients in the sports industry with solutions that perfectly suit their specific situation and wishes. We are happy to meet with you to see what the possibilities are and how we can achieve the maximum within your budget. There is often much more possible than you think. Let us advise you without obligation.

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