Megalux Circular

At Megalux we pay attention to our product lifecycle. We have organized our product lifecycle as circular as possible. For example, by using recycled aluminum in our production process.

The Megalux products are completely modular. Because we only use top quality components, our products are hardly subject to defects or failure. During the lifespan or useful life of our products, the defective components are replaced by new components, where appropriate. This can even happen at the level of one LED. Defective parts are recycled.

Our products also eventually reach their “end of life”. But often also their “end of use”, because a customer switches to new technology. With the introduction of LED as a service, the flexibility of use for customers increases.

When our product reaches “end of use”, we ensure that it can be given a second life. We do this in close cooperation with one of our partners who then supply the Displays to customers who prefer to buy a used Display for budget or other reasons. The Display is completely checked and repaired where necessary. This way it can serve well for years to come.

However, there will come a time when the Megalux Displays also come to the end of their lives. In that case, we ensure, in consultation with our customers, that the screens are recycled. Components that can be reused, such as the aluminum, are separated and given a new purpose. Other items are disposed of.

We show you some great examples. The possibilities are endless.

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