In recent years, the Internet has had a major impact on physical Retail. Since the Corona pandemic, these developments have accelerated, and online shopping has become even more popular. Physical Retail is reforming itself to find a good answer to these developments ( It is now more important than ever to maximize the added value of physical Retail and there are very suitable instruments for this. The customer experience must offer such added value to entice customers to come to a physical address instead of staying behind their PC. Megalux can play a crucial role in this added value by taking the customer experience to the next level. With the use of LED Displays at strategic locations and with the right content, a visitor enters a world that a PC screen or a Smartphone can’t even come close to. We have guided enough Retailers in this process which has resulted in an increase of visitors and turnover. In the process prior to the use of LED Displays for example the following issues are addressed:

  • What is the target group?
  • Is it about Indoor or Outdoor Displays?
  • Which location is most suitable?
  • What type of Screen is most appropriate?
  • What content is most suitable?
  • Is Cloud Software required?

What is the target group?

Depending on the target group, it must be determined which type of Display is most suitable. The youth is sensitive to large screens and experiences them as impressive. It is no coincidence that cinemas showing films for that target group often have very large format screens and the figures show that the larger the screen, more younger people come to see it. At the moment, the Imax screen in Leonberg Germany is the largest screen in the world ( with a size of 38 by 22 meters. This does not seem to work for the elderly, this target group that often visits Movie Houses prefers screens of common sizes. It is therefore important to determine which display is most appreciated by your target group.

Is it about Indoor or Outdoor Displays?

One of the most important components of experience concerns visual experience. The greater the impact, the more the customer emotion is touched resulting in a positive buying impulse. So, what to decide concerning indoor or outdoor exposure? This should be carefully thought out in advance because an outdoor screen can be moved indoors, but an indoor screen cannot be moved outside that easily. Outdoor screens have qualifications that make them resistant to weather such as direct sunlight, dust, extreme temperatures, and rain. Indoor screens do not have these properties making them unsuitable for Outdoor use. So, think carefully about whether you want to achieve indoor or outdoor exposure.

Which location is most suitable?

While this may not seem like a very exciting criterion, it is. An analysis must be made of the route a visitor takes and at what point this visitor can best absorb the information. If this happens too early, the visitor may not be interested, if it happens too late, the added value is lost. Showing images in the entrance of a department of an article in which only a small target group is interested is a clear example of low market value. If the same screen is placed in the department where this small target group is already present, then we achieve a much higher market value with the same screen. This example speaks for itself. But also, in the department itself screen placement is very important.  Is the screen placed in the walkway where visitors want to pass as quickly as possible? Or is the screen placed between the items where it has a higher attention value because the customer has reached his / her location and wants to orientate on the items. In the orientation phase, a customer is very sensitive to additional information.

What type of Display is most suitable?

Megalux offers different types of Displays and here too, it is necessary to consider which type of screen is most suitable. Apart from the size and color of the screen, curved screens can also be chosen. Even in a full circle. We can even make them specially customized. Virtually any size is possible. And it does not end there. Take a regular large screen in the shop window for instance. These type of Displays tend to take away the view of the inside. However, there is a perfect solution for this in the form of a transparent LED Display. With this type of display both the content is shown, and the visitor can also see through the screen into the store. With the content and settings can be determined what percentage of see-through is desired. In this way the best effect can be achieved during the day as well as at night. The trick is to create a unique and valuable experience for the customer. A thing that is more difficult to do online.

What content is most suitable? 

Retail customers often orient themselves via the Internet prior to visiting a store. In the future, the buying process for some products or services will increasingly take place in a mix between online and offline. Control over the customer journey is therefore essential. The physical retail environment must provide a logical continuation of the online customer journey that a consumer has already completed. With an LED Display you can very easily bring your online content to your offline environment. And that offers great advantages. In terms of customer journey, experience, appearance and ultimately also customer spending. Perception is increasingly becoming an important key to success.

Is Cloud Software required?

Great visual impact is ideally achieved by deploying LED Display technology from Megalux. Maximum results are achieved by controlling the screens interactively to convey the most relevant information to the customer. In combination with our Cloud Software, you can control your content centrally for multiple locations. Very useful when there are multiple locations. This ensures an unambiguous and consistent experience. In all your branches. From the head office you can choose for varying content based on time, location, or special offers. It is possible to use our Cloud Software to control an unlimited number of screens at once, or each screen separately or bundle the screens. So even just the screen of a particular department across multiple locations. Any combination is possible, and this allows for much faster and more effective switching.


For Retail, too, an LED Display has added value. This translates, for example, into a better customer journey. A seamless connection between online and offline presence. And the achievement of higher sales figures. Through the unprecedented variety of possibilities, customers can be enticed back to a familiar store instead of the impersonal Internet. We have successfully guided several retailers through this process. If you are curious about this, one of our experts will be happy to explain how we realized this and how we can help you on your way too. Want to know how? Get in touch with us!

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