The Retail sector is in full swing. In recent years, the internet has had a major impact on physical retail. Physical Retail is reforming itself to find a good answer to online developments. The impact of the Corona pandemic has accelerated this development further. If we look at the future of physical retail, there are a few developments that are expected to materialize.

• Retail will focus more on the needs of the individual customer;
• Buying is increasingly becoming a business that can take place anywhere;
• Physical Retail will function more as a showroom.

Experience will therefore become increasingly more important for the retail sector in the future. This will be accompanied by the use of more digital tools. One of the most important parts of experience is visual perception. The greater the impact of this, the more customer emotion will be affected and the buying process can be influenced.

Great visual impact is ideally achieved by the use of LED Display technology. At Megalux we work together with and for Retail. The most commonly used LED Display applications in Retail are Outdoor or Indoor. Outdoor Displays are often used at the entrance to a shopping center. On a facade or on a monopost.

Especially for retail, when applying an Indoor Display, you can think of screens in your store, which you can control interactively. To create unique interaction with your customers. In combination with our cloud software, you can centrally arrange your content for multiple locations. This not only strengthens your brand experience, but also your consistency and customer contact. And you prevent waste in promotional material, which is often lost in the frenzy of the day. Our LED Displays are also often used as part of the shop window layout. In combination with your traditional shop window layout, you can create a truly unique experience. And increase your attention value enormously. Even if you want to keep the view inside your store, you can work with transparent LED Displays.

We show you some great examples. The possibilities are endless.

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