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The impact of an LED Display is great, this is evident from the statistics of measurements in various branches. The size of the impact you make with it partly depends on the content you play on your screen. And this must connect with the goal that you want to achieve with the screen. Do you want to use it to only display information, such as news, public transport travel information, etc.? Or do you want to use it to increase the attention value of your brand and strengthen your corporate identity?


For some of our customers, developing content themselves or having content made is part of their business operations. They are actively developing beautiful images daily and moving images to enhance their brand and their message. These customers know the added value of using an LED Display in combination with good content. They have internalized this as an important part of their marketing strategy and have achieved good results. But what if you can’t develop that content yourself? Or do not have time for this? Of course, there are parties that can help you with this, but the best result is achieved when creativity and technology come together. We have extensive experience in setting up the right content that goes perfectly with the LED Display on which it will be shown. It must be perfectly coordinated; this is also in good hands with us.

Megalux is one of the few manufacturers that offers its own content service in Northern Europe. In this way we can unburden you even further. How does this work? We are happy to tell you more about it.

Integration of content with an LED Display

An LED Display offers an unprecedented number of possibilities to convey powerful visual messages and strengthen your brand. Whether your LED Display hangs indoors or outdoors. An LED Display must be of good quality; reliable, sharp, contrast and colorful. But a high-quality LED Display is also as effective as the content that is shown on it.

Research in the Retail shows that the attention of customers is held 60% longer with an LED Display in the shop window or in the store. And that attention is maintained by good content. Good content for an LED Display is not just a pretty picture, there is a lot involved. For example, it is important that the content is tailored to the size and resolution of your LED Display. Content that will be displayed on large screens requires a higher resolution than content that will be displayed on smaller screens.

What we have also noticed with some regularity is that texts, logos or images are not fully displayed, which means that crucial information is lost. If the footage is incorrectly scaled and the settings are set incorrectly, the image may be centered with black bars on the sides. Or the content is displayed full screen with loss of image above or below, or (even worse) to get everything appropriate, a distorted image. Lots of things to take into account. For an LED Display that is placed outside, it is important to take into account the viewing distance. The texts must be legible, not only for people walking close to the screen, but also for people walking on the other side of the street.

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Megalux content service

What is good content? Good content for an LED Display is easy to read, easy to understand, and keeps the attention. Images are preferred in combination with limited text. And if possible use moving images because of the higher attention value. It must convince the potential customer to take action, whether that be entering a brick-and-mortar store, visiting a website, or making a phone call. Then the goal is reached. When the right content is developed, it will make the viewer curious and will want to know more about the product or service. This effect is best achieved by combining vivid, impactful images with factual information presented in the context of a compelling story or anecdote. If the story has a bit of humor or human emotion, it is even more powerful and the effects are better. The content must be specially designed for your target group and each target group requires a different approach. The better these fit together, the better the message will be received. And this can be a difficult job where help from a specialist is needed. At Megalux we offer you a unique content service. Based on a subscription or ad hoc. We offer you a number of options.


For example, you can choose to periodically use new content. That works very easily; you provide us with the content such as text, images and / or film material. We then create content specifically tailored to your situation. Completely in line with the feel and look of your company and, if desired, with your corporate identity and logos. This way you always have new content periodically and you keep standing out. This way you use your LED Display in the most optimal way and the best results are achieved.

Ad hoc

It is also possible to use our content service ad hoc. You simply contact us when the need arises. And we develop the desired content for you. This gives you the necessary freedom. Always take some lead time into account. Is there any urgency? No problem, we will make sure it is ready on time. Urgently take into account a slightly higher rate because we have to adjust our schedule at the last minute.

Special requests

Even if you want something special, something that is completely different from the regular and something absolutely unique, Megalux can help you with that too. You get it and we get it, the greater the distinctive character, the greater the impact. We come up with a unique and revolutionary concept that is guaranteed to attract attention. For example, moving images with integration of animation (think of m & m commercials) or animals address the viewer. It is even possible that the main character in the film addresses the passers-by. This is one of the latest breakthrough technologies already in use in America. It works with special software that recognizes and responds to people. For adults, parents with children, man alone or woman alone, the software recognizes what is in front of the screen and addresses the passer-by personally. That makes another impression! There are also possibilities with 3D content. For these forms of revolutionary content, Megalux has a unique collaboration with specialized content creators. Keep in mind that you need a special setup with your LED Display for this. Live interaction and 3-D content require special technical specialization and is not suitable for every LED Display.

Whatever your content wishes are, we are there for you. Curious? Contact us!

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