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The impact of an LED Display is great. This is evident from the statistics. The size of the impact you make with it partly depends on the content that you play on your screen. And of course also with the goal you have with the screen. Do you want to use it to display information, such as news, public transport travel information, etc.? Or do you want to use it to increase attention value. Or strengthen brand and corporate identity.

Great content is half the battle. But where do you get it? Of course, you can show a nice picture. Or a movie. But if you are that customer that wants unique content? Are you focused on your brand, message or company? Then you don’t have to look any further.

Megalux is one of the few manufacturers that offers its own content service in Northern Europe. Do you want to have a unique design realized? Have a tailor-made story made? An animation or film recording? It’s all possible with the Megalux content Service. Whether you want to receive new content periodically. Or want to have something realized ad hoc. We are here for you. Visualizing your business.

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