At present, almost all sectors are changing. And that certainly also applies to the leisure sector. Prior to the Corona crisis, a better road network, more financial means for many consumers, cheaper air travel and increasingly available information contributed to an ever-growing Leisure sector in Europe. A sector in full swing that was then hit hard by the consequences of the Corona crisis. It will take some time before we can enjoy our leisure sector in a more normal way again. But that will undoubtedly happen.

And when we do that again, this sector will also make more and more use of technology, according to various studies. This is expected to be reflected, for example, in the application of exciting and fascinating interactions with Leisure customers. Amusement parks, hotels, museums and all kinds of other leisure companies will make use of technology and data.

Flexibility and visual experiences will become even more important. Great visual impact is ideally achieved by the use of LED Display technology. At Megalux we work a lot with and for the Leisure industry. The Leisure sector is increasingly using a wide range of LED Display applications. From Indoor LED Display applications at Hotels to Window displays for the gaming industry.

But also, the application of large indoor LED Displays within airports. An airport was and will again be a place where many nationalities come together on their way to their final destination. The LED Display applications from Megalux bring information and desired content at any time.

At Megalux, we have already provided many customers in the Leisure industry with solutions that perfectly suit their specific situation.

We show you some great examples. The possibilities are endless.

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