Leisure Sector

Every sector is in motion. And that is especially true for the Leisure sector. Due to the increasingly extensive road network, more financial scope for many consumers, cheaper air travel and increasingly available information, this sector has grown significantly over the past ten years. The Corona pandemic has brought this industry to a complete standstill, but in the end everything will start running again. This will undoubtedly happen.

Within the leisure sector, a further increasing customer focus will arise. Because whether you run a catering facility, a hotel, a company in the gaming sector or a sports facility, when you focus your business strategy around your customer, this results in an increase in turnover. And one thing is certain within those growth plans; your future customers want an experience, an adventure. But what are you going to offer them and how do you handle this properly? There are of course many things to think of. It is important to ask yourself how you can make optimal use of modern technology with proven added value.

This added value is achieved by making use of available data. And this data must be formulated in a business plan. And of course, there is the big question of how the consumer will be reached. The combination of data with modern technology that maximizes the senses is an increasingly used successful strategy. A number of studies have shown that visual digital technology will play an increasingly important role in the Leisure sector (see for example: https://pdf.euro.savills.co.uk/european/europe-retail-markets/megatrends-european-leisure-issue-3-2016.pdf).

Linking a LED Display to data is increasingly used in various industries. With a LED Display you not only achieve great visual impact. In combination with smart technology, you can really use the potential of an LED Display and there are many possibilities

LED Displays in restaurants

An example: suppose you have a restaurant, and your target group consists mainly of young families. You use an app, and your customers can use this app to look up information, view menus, make reservations and pass on special requests. This is not only easy for your customer, but also very valuable for you. You map your customer profiles in this way. And when these customers enter your business, you can immediately show relevant products on a modern LED Display at the entrance. Specifically aimed at that customer. The customer journey continues seamlessly from your online to your offline environment. You can also offer your customers the opportunity to place their order via a tablet. And while they wait, the children can play a game on that tablet. A modest LED Display hangs on the wall that shows beautiful atmospheric images of the regional products that are currently being processed in the dishes that your restaurant offers. This of course has much more impact than a laminated menu in combination with some photos on the wall. This also offers your supplier a great stage to show more of its products.

LED Displays in the Gaming Industry

When it comes to the gaming industry, you see that LED Displays have been used for some time. As a rule, a casino or arcade is not a place with a transparent or open interior. To make the impression of the atmosphere on the inside also available on the outside and to increase the appeal, window LED Displays are often used. The Supergame Casino in Antwerp is a good example of this. With professional images, the interior and atmosphere of the casino are clearly visible to people outside. In this way, a potential visitor is presented with exactly the right images and he / she is tempted to take a look inside.

LED Displays in Hotels

In a hotel, the reception is an important eye-catcher. The application of an LED Display at the front or behind the front desk can be a wonderful addition to the appearance of a hotel. The flexibility of the LED Display ensures that one can perfectly adjust the experience for the desired effect. A personal welcome, for example. A beautiful color and light effect with beautiful atmospheric images for later in the evening when the occupation is minimal. In central areas such as the Lobby or a Casual Dining area, an LED Display can be a perfect addition to the entertainment offered to the guest.

Interactive screens also provide a new touch point for hotels with their millennial customers. Millennials often prefer to find out information themselves instead of making personal inquiries at the reception. Digital Touchpoints are very suitable for this.

LED Displays in Airports

An airport is a place where many nationalities come together on their way to their final destination. Large indoor LED Displays are often used here for various purposes. In addition to practical information such as arrival and departure times, these screens are also very suitable for commercial purposes. These screens are especially noticeable in halls where customers have to wait some time for their luggage or their flight. Travel agencies, jewelers, clothing manufacturers, etc. can convey their advertising message very effectively here. The LED Display applications from Megalux convey any kind of information and content at any time. Especially within an airport, these screens come into their own because of the large spaces available at airports. The larger the screen, the greater the attention value and the associated return.

LED Displays in Amusement Parks

LED Displays can be used very widely in amusement parks. Young people in particular are very sensitive to this and with long queues these screens are also a blessing for parents. The children are distracted. Display screens can convey various types of dynamic information such as waiting times, the weather and special events on the day itself at the reception and attractions. Outside, large screens can show live images of attractions that are in progress and entice the visitor to participate.

LED Displays in Museums

In museums, LED Displays are often used to provide visitors with information such as a map, opening times, crowds, etc. Larger screens are often used to give presentations on a wide variety of subjects in closed spaces. Also for interactive purposes where visitors click on elements on a screen and thus enter a visual tour (for example walking through a medieval village) are real crowd pullers. And here too, the more professional the screen, the more impressive the experience.


Flexibility and visual experiences are becoming increasingly important. Great impact is ideally achieved by the use of LED Display technology. At Megalux we work a lot with and for the Leisure industry. The leisure sector is increasingly using a wide range of LED Display applications with both indoor and outdoor screens. Megalux has already provided many customers in the Leisure industry with solutions that perfectly suit their specific situation. Curious, get in touch! Megalux, visualizing your business!

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