Regular financing and LED as a service

With Megalux it is possible to use financing for your LED display. We offer you two different forms of financing. Regular financing and LED as a service. What’s the difference now? And what suits your situation best?

Regular financing

Financing is best if you want to use your LED display for a longer period. And no changes in usage or your situation are expected. But also if you want to own the display. Here you can find out more about our forms of financing.

Led as a Service

The LED-as-a-service option is an all-new service offered to you by Megalux. What exactly does it mean and when is this option the best choice?

Nowadays we are switching from ownership to use more and more. This is increasingly being chosen in the business segment. You pay a monthly fee for your equipment and can use it immediately. Is something wrong or is it no longer working? Then contact your provider and a quick repair or replacement will often be provided. The shift from ownership to use is one of the most important economic changes in recent times, also made possible by modern technologies.

No worries about installation and maintenance
We always go to great lengths to serve our customers perfectly. The customer’s wishes are the starting point. For example, when you buy, you have the option of having us carry out the installation and concluding maintenance contracts. It’s always the customer’s choice. But with Led as a Service you can be sure that you will always make the best choice in this area. As you can opt for maximum relief. We can take the complete operation out of your hands so that you can continue to invest your precious time in running your business.


If you are struggling with a technical defect or damage to your LED display, it is nice to know where you stand in advance. Of course, there are our warranty guidelines. But what if they don’t immediately provide a solution. For example, because damage was caused by a third party. When you choose the as-a-service model, you can be sure that you will remain operational. A reassuring thought, especially with large displays that are precious. Should anything happen, you can just give us a call. A comforting thought.   

The advantages of Led as a Service

There are many reasons to choose Led as a Service. We describe the most important ones here:

  • Complete unburdening
  • You keep your liquidity for other expenses
  • Reducing the administrative burden
  • Greater flexibility
  • Repair or replacement in the event of malfunction or defect included

Ideal if you want to be unburdened when using your LED display
You want to get the most out of your LED display. And rather not be burdened with it too much. And you may also need some flexibility in using it. Led as a Service offers you all of this. Thanks to the maximum service of our Led as a Service concept, you have no worries. From the usage of Your LED display to content to service. Led as a Service stands for maximum relief. 

You keep your liquidity for other expenses
Since no (major) investments must be made, your capital remains available for other expenses. Ideal for many companies, as existing capital can be invested elsewhere. It’s a trend that’s on the rise and is increasingly being used by many businesses: pay for use, rather than for possession.

Reduction of the administrative burden
Led as a Service’s administrative costs are minimal, with regards to the time it takes an accountant to process the bookkeeping. A purchase or financing not only requires periodic processing, but also in the annual financial statements. This burden is much lower with Led as a Service.

More flexibility
When an LED display fulfills the same purpose under unchanged conditions, for example a large advertising screen along a motorway, then this point is irrelevant. But when circumstances sometimes change, LED as a Service is the best solution. In this way, you have the option to scale the usage up or down. And you can regularly use financial space in your LED as a service contract to switch to new technologies. The degree of freedom depends on the size of your as a service subscription.


If you opt for LED as a Service, there are various options to choose from. Within these options you have flexibility depending on your preference. The big difference to classic financing is that with “LED as a Service” you opt for total relief.

We will work with you to review the LED Display application you require. You make your choice based on our advice. And we’ll do the rest. We assemble and install your LED display, and we make sure that you can operate your LED display immediately with our cloud software. We take care of the maintenance and administration for you, and you can use our off-site support. With a possibility to periodically switch to the newest technology.

If you choose LED as a Service, you also contribute to the circular use of these applications. When you say goodbye to your LED display to make room for new technology, we’ll make sure that it gets a second life. For example, if necessary, we replace components with new parts and overhaul the display. So, it can be used for years to come. The LED Display is then used elsewhere and given a second life. And when the screen has really reached the end of its life, we recycle it. A pleasant thought.

Are you ready to use our technology? LED as a Service offers you the perfect solution. Maximum ease of use, flexibility and fixed monthly costs. We’re here to help!

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