Outdoor LED Display

An Outdoor LED Display is designed to be used in outdoor areas. These can be placed in shopping streets, on buildings, along the highways, in sports stadiums, at airports, etc. They can be placed anywhere where electricity is present or can be routed to. The most important feature of these special screens is that they are resistant to all weather influences. Our screens can withstand even the largest downpour, gust of wind or heat wave. The display must also produce enough lumens (light output) to produce a clear image even in full sun, in the middle of summer. And our screens effortlessly comply with this as well. They are specially designed for this purpose in the factory and subjected to the required tests.

Choosing the right type of LED Display is not an easy task, it must be carefully considered in advance. Some points that determine your choice:


  • What is the goal you want to achieve?
  • Which target group do you want to appeal to?
  • Where should the Display be placed?
  • Is electricity available there?
  • What is the minimum and maximum viewing distance to the Display?
  • What are the image requirements?
  • What kind of content do you want to show?

We give you some more insight into the above points and the questions that have to do with your Outdoor LED Display:

What is the goal you want to achieve?

Do you only want to use the screen to display information, or will the content also fulfill a commercial function by presenting products or services? Are the passers-by on foot or do most of them drive by in a car? The content must be adjusted accordingly. And do you want to measure results? Again, there are possibilities for this. A different type of screen is the most suitable for every purpose.

Which target group should this appeal to?

Different rules apply to young people than to adults or the elderly. With the youth, the images should be flashy, impressive, and powerful and we speak of a high output. In adults or the elderly, this is counterproductive as it is often too overwhelming. Here we recommend a medium or sometimes even low output, so low contrast, calm colors, and a not too large screen.

Where should it be placed?

An LED Display must be perfectly attuned to the outdoor space and the behavior of the viewers. At which location in the outdoor area does the screen provide the highest possible attention value? The smallest difference can determine whether or not your LED Display is clearly visible from a car. Not only because of the size of the Display, but also because of the viewing angle. An LED Display has a maximum angle from which you can still clearly see the content on the Display. We express this with a horizontal and a vertical viewing angle. So, if you want to hang an Outdoor LED display on the facade of a building, consider where your passers-by are in relation to the Display. This must also be properly tested in advance and Megalux has the necessary expertise for this. Also, for walking passers-by, such as in a shopping street, various tests must be made, because is the screen also clearly visible when it is very busy in a shopping street? Placing a display one meter higher can make a world of difference.

Is electricity available on site?

In principle, it is quite easy to run electricity from a mains cable to any location. In a rural area, this can be a greater challenge with the associated costs. You want to know this in advance to avoid surprises. It should also not be forgotten that (possibly) data must be supplied and that requires a connection to the internet.

What is the minimum and maximum viewing distance to the Display?

Both the minimum and the maximum viewing distance are important. The greater the viewing distance, the larger the screen will need to be. We have calculations for this. But the minimum viewing distance is also important! If you want a large screen where customers also enjoy viewing this image from close, you will have to choose HD or 4K. Like the image you know from a cinema. It’s big and very sharp. The viewing distance is directly related to the pixel pitch you choose.

What are the image requirements?

This has already largely been discussed with the viewing distance, but sometimes the image requirements are very low and a simple screen with low resolution and color depth is sufficient. At a festival, a simple screen can be well suited if it only serves to enhance the atmosphere, but if a customer in a commercial center is seduced with beautiful images, the image requirements will be greater.

What kind of content do you want to show?

This is also important for choosing the right screen. Is it mainly static images with little color, purely for illustration, or is it fast moving images with high frame rates (frames per second) that have to make a big impression? And will this be streamed live, or will it be played from a solid carrier (hard disk)? The more complex the content, the more professional screen is required.

Outdoor LED Display LRX

LRX series outdoor

De LRX Series LED Schermen hebben een hoge helderheid met een pixelpitch tussen 3 en 5 mm.

Outdoor led display PFX

PFX series outdoor

De PFX Series LED Schermen hebben een hoge helderheid met een pixelpitch tussen 6 en 10 mm.

Outdoor LED Display PTX

PTX series outdoor

Uitgevoerd in stalen kabinetten met ingebouwde koeling. Modulair op te bouwen met uitgebreide maatkeuze.

Outdoor LED Display PME

PME series outdoor

De PME Series Ledschermen zijn speciaal ontwikkeld voor gebruik in sportstadions.

Outdoor LED Display Applications

More information about the most chosen Outdoor LED Display applications from Megalux can be found below. Can’t find the product you’re looking for? Call or email us at contact@megalux.eu. There is a good chance that we maken the product you are looking for.

Megalux Outdoor LED Displays are perfectly suited to show your message, brand and content in an impressive way. Our LED Displays are of such quality that they provide a clear, sharp and high-contrast image. It is not without reason that many of our screens have already been placed in public locations. All our Outdoor LED Displays

have an IP65 Protection Rating  which means that they can withstand all weather conditions and dust cannot penetrate.
At Megalux we develop and manufacture our LED Displays ourselves and we do this as circular as possible. We also consider sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship to be of paramount importance. Our customers can use Megalux’s circular model, for which we have created our Second Life & Recycling Programs. Our LED Displays are then taken back by us after use and given a second life, or completely recycled. This reduces our CO2 footprint and residual waste to a minimum.


When you have made these considerations, you are already well on the way to a suitable choice for your Outdoor LED Display. Whatever you choose, Megalux LED Displays will convey your message in an impressive way. Make an impact in the way required, striking, or as part of the space. We develop the best applications for your situation. We do this entirely in-house. Our product lines are of high quality and can compete with the world’s top brands. Together with our partners, we can guide your choice for a Megalux Outdoor LED Display from A to Z.

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