Outdoor LED Screens

An Outdoor LED Display is intended for outdoor use. The Display must function in any weather condition. It has to keep your brand and message legible even in direct sunlight. The choice for a suitable Outdoor LED Display starts with your situation. What do you want to use the Display for? And where should it be placed. What is the viewing distance to the Display? And how big should it be?

LRX series outdoor

The LRX Series LED Screens have high brightness with a pixel pitch between 3 and 5 mm.

PFX series outdoor

The PFX Series LED Screens have high brightness with a pixel pitch between 6 and 10 mm.

PTX series outdoor

Executed in steel cabinets with built-in cooling. Modular construction with extensive size selection.

PME series outdoor

The PME Series Led screens are specifically designed for use in sports stadiums.

Megalux LED Displays are of course resistant to the elements. Megalux outdoor LED Displays give you the perfect image, in all circumstances. Such as rain, wind and dust. Specially developed to make your message stand out in all circumstances. Megalux manufactures and assembles its LED Displays itself. And we do this in a circular manner as much as possible.

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