After choosing your LED Display solution, the mounting and installation of the screen is an important step. Although Outdoor and Indoor LED Displays work in the same way, installation often requires different ingredients. With an Indoor LED Display, our partners will pay particular attention to matters such as viewing distance, incidence of light and purpose of the screen. Depending on the situation, it will be checked on site whether there are specific mounting requirements. Such as a Frame.

With an Outdoor LED Display, there will always be a specialist on site. Matters such as power and data supply, but also mounting surface are important. If the LED Display is placed on a Monopost, construction work and preparation will have to be taken into account. The ground will sometimes have to be probed. An architectural foundation must be made. And steel works will have to be produced. All this will be taken care of for you.

Are you considering using an Outdoor LED Display? It is then wise to take a good look at the area where you want to place it. The viewing distance and things such as power and data supply.

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