As a publicity company you know better than anyone how to convey the message of your customers to the public. In terms of the method of delivery. The location where this should be done. The size of the advertising media. The tendering process for advertising media that is given in concession from the government. And all other matters that are important. Publicity companies all too often take on long-term processes and developments.

Publicity Led Display

As a publicity company there are many things to take into account. Not in the least the information carrier that is necessary to be able to use the concession. Quality and reliability are of great importance. Digital Displays must be able to run 24/7. All year round. After all, customers are willing to invest in their visibility and must then be able to trust that their message can run unimpeded.

The LED Display applications that Megalux manufacture are an extremely reliable digital vehicle. It is not without reason that leading customers such as PSV, Ikea and Mercamadrid choose Megalux. In large and smaller format.

We offer Outdoor and Indoor Led Display applications. From large to small. From special curved or transparent solutions to super fine HD pitch Indoor applications. But also special display window applications. Megalux can take care of the entire process for you. From design, technical implementation, installation and assembly to monitoring and maintenance where necessary. We can also relieve you of worries about financing your projects. And offer you flexibility with our “LED as a service” proposition.

At Megalux we provide the Publicity sector with suitable solutions for their specific situation. Be it large or small. Because the latter is also possible with an LED display.

We show you some great examples. The possibilities are endless.

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