About Megalux

We have a firm belief in the power of visual. Logical, of course. But stop and think about it for a moment. When you start a good book you are often not immediately hit on the first page. That takes a while. If you see a good film, series or documentary, the first scene can immediately touch you. You can often remember images better than text. It is not for nothing that 82% of Internet traffic in 2021 will consist of video. Images, both online and offline, will play an increasingly important role for companies to bring their message or brand to the attention. And that is exactly where we, together with our partners, help our customers. With top quality products, easy to use software and great visual designs.


Megalux has been successful with high quality LED Screens from Spain and Portugal for over a decade. With a completely own product line we provide our customers with beautiful solutions in the field of LED Display and digital signage. Megalux is a company with Dutch roots. And we are proud of it!


Our ambition extends beyond the Southern European market. And that is why we made our entrance into the Northern European market. The presence of Megalux in Northern Europe is being further expanded from the Netherlands.


Our LED Displays must effectively and efficiently help our customers with their visibility, attention value and brand perception. This is a constant process. An LED Display is then often only the beginning. That is why we like to work with our customers for the longer term. In a partnership with our customers. Our years of experience in the sector enables us to offer our customers an adequate service and to achieve maximum satisfaction. We offer top quality products based on professional advice. So you always get the product that best suits your situation. And that product is not only a LED Display. But also installation of your LED Screen. Our own cloud software to control the screen. A comprehensive content service that allows you to display impactful visuals and video on your screen. And “as a service” services combined with financing options. We offer both standard solutions for distribution and custom turnkey projects, with a high level of service also in the field of technology. We are therefore proud of our large customer portfolio. Relationships that have relied on us for years.

Megalux Products

You can contact us for Outdoor and Indoor LED Display applications. For fixed and temporary installations. In recent years we have worked hard to develop our own product line. We only work with the best materials and components. From our own engineering and workshop we can also help you with any necessary construction issues. Such as attaching a screen to a facade or a pole. On our site you will find more information about these applications. Because every situation is different and you can expect real service from us, we are happy to help you personally if you want to know more about the possibilities for your situation. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail. We are ready for you.


Megalux and its partners take care of you…

At Megalux, we know better than anyone that one image can bring a complete story. Our products are an important link to visualize your brand and story. You want to achieve maximum impact with bold images. That is why Megalux and its partners take care of everything for you. From A to Z if you want. What else can we do for you? Take a look it…


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LED as a service

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