Rental LED Displays have been specially developed for situations where a LED Display is needed for a short period of time. So, for frequent temporary use where the screens must be built up and dismantled regularly. Some examples:

  • Events
  • Festivals
  • Scholarships
  • Conferences
  • Road show

A Rental LED Display can also come in handy when you are not organizing festivals or events. When do you choose a Rental LED Display? In fact, any occasion where a large screen is temporarily required is eligible for a Rental Display. They are LED Displays that are specially designed to be assembled and disassembled on a regular basis.

Do you often attend trade fairs as a company? Or are you going to visit your customers with a roadshow? In that case, your own Rental LED Display can offer a solution. With our screens that present impactful images, you attract maximum attention from your audience.

If you seem to be choosing a Rental LED Display, there are several things you should think about carefully. The most important question immediately helps you on your way; will the Display be used indoors or outdoors?

If this is clear, you can click on the links below and on this page, you will find all the information you need to make the right choice for the type of Display:

Of course we are happy to help you with this if you have any questions. Can’t find the product you’re looking for? Call or email us at There is a good chance that we will make the product you are looking for.

Real LED Display Indoor en Outdoor

ERX series indoor

This LED Screen is specially designed for quick mounting and has a high resolution. Front and back maintenance.

Real LED Display Indoor en Outdoor

ERX series outdoor

This LED Screen is specially designed for quick mounting and has a high resolution. Front and back maintenance.

Maximum flexibility

The great advantage of our Rental Displays is the flexibility to temporarily deploy an LED Display in every conceivable situation. Together we will discuss which screen is most suitable for the purpose you have in mind. We will then ensure that your visual message is brought quickly and close to your potential audience. The Rental LED Displays from Megalux provide the perfect image, in all circumstances. Both Indoor and Outdoor. Our screens can be placed almost anywhere. In addition to the LED Displays, we can supply all kinds of necessary parts so that your LED Display can be placed at almost any location. For example, you can place the Display on especially available footrests. The screens can also be hung on many different types of walls. Every wall or wall has its own mounting requirements. We can of course help and advise you with this. Whatever your wish is. At Megalux we ensure that we fully provide your Rental LED Display with all installation parts and instructions. Of course, in a nice flight case on wheels. This makes the Display easy to transport and install. If desired, we can also take care of transport and installation for you. Large format LED screens offer unprecedented possibilities to attract attention during an event and to perfectly portray your brand or company. Whether it is for one day or for a longer period, we supply various top quality Rental LED Screens in various sizes. Fixed or mobile LED screens, it’s all possible. Contact us to find out what we can do for your event.

Economical solution

In addition to the flexibility of our Rental products, the prices are also a valid reason to choose this option. If you need a screen once for one day, it goes without saying that this option is the most suitable. In many cases, our Megalux partners can help you immediately. But if you need a screen several times a year for longer periods, we will make a calculation together where the turning point lies between rent and ownership. As a rule, the more often and longer a Display is rented, the more competitive the price will be. Nevertheless, we always advise you to map out the goal you have in mind in a personal conversation. We look together at all possible solutions to realize your wish. Sometimes new and unused channels are tapped, and it can still be interesting to choose to purchase. This depends on many factors and sometimes the additional purchase price can be made profitable again by using the screen for other purposes. Of course, we only give advice, you make the choice. We like to think along with you.

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