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Apart from the regular hospitals, the Healthcare sector also has independent treatment centers and private clinics. In the past, these independent treatment centers and private clinics were mainly associated with cosmetic procedures by the general public. Some of these clinics and treatment centers are now fully fledged hospitals.

Providing information to visitors and patients of treatment centers and private clinics is of great importance. All too often this is still done with traditional means. Many of these locations still work with printed sheets of paper, posters and other traditional means. Also, when it comes to the services, specialisms and knowledge and skills, the connection to the consumer at the location itself is known to be more difficult. Folders, banners and printing material are basically suitable for this, but less durable, inflexible and all too often not found.

Megalux solutions are ideally suited for both providing information and conveying a commercial message. An LED Display offers you direct connection with your visitor. This way you can immediately communicate more important information, such as hygiene rules to your visitor. But you can also tell exactly what you do. And offer. Strengthen your brand. Strengthen your image. But also save in terms of operational and marketing costs.

The locations of many clinics have a naturally more closed character. That makes sense because discretion and confidentiality are important to many customers. On the other hand, a missed opportunity. Because when a clinic is located at a visible location, whether it is an A location or not, you can bring out much more information at that location with an LED Display. Even with a smaller display you can make passers-by aware of the possibilities. Many people naturally walk with a latent or actual need for specialist care. The “digital opening of your doors” can then lower the threshold.

We show you some great examples. The possibilities are endless.

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