LED Displays in Health Care

Besides the regular hospitals, the Healthcare sector also has many independent treatment centers and private clinics. In the past, these independent treatment centers and private clinics were mainly associated with cosmetic procedures, but today many of these centers have been developed into full-fledged hospitals. Providing information to visitors and patients is of course of great importance. We see that this is still often done with traditional means such as printed sheets of paper, posters or signs. But what is the most effective way to convey services, specialisms and expertise to the consumer on location? Folders, banners and print materials are suitable in themselves, but less durable, not flexible and have a lower attention value. All too often, patients in a hospital or private clinic still have to look for “information” and that is a shame. Because in a place like this, customer experience is extremely important.

LED Display applications can make an important contribution to improving the customer journey and customer contact. Moreover, an LED Display offers maximum flexibility and an unprecedented number of possibilities. Within health care, LED screens offer many advantages, often directly based on a positive business case.

Frequently used applications

A frequently used application within digitalization is to speed up the intake of patients. Waiting a long time in front of a counter is a frustrating process for most patients. The intake process is considerably accelerated by the use of interactive intake kiosks. Instead of waiting for personal assistance, the platform is immediately used for check-in.

Other commonly used applications are:

  • Update patient information
  • Schedule future appointments
  • Manage and pay bills
  • Printing all kinds of documents
  • Complete surveys
  • Request information


When LED Displays with interesting visuals are added in waiting rooms, this reduces the perceived waiting time for patients. A waiting time of 30 minutes is experienced as much shorter when patients are distracted by an LED Display with attention-grabbing content. This distraction has the added advantage that it often reduces the fear of an appointment. Providing happy, entertaining and engaging content helps reduce the nervousness and anxiety of waiting patients. As a result, patients are often more relaxed before their appointment.

LED Displays can also convey important health-related information. These digital media can be used to share educational content such as wellness tips, treatment procedures and medical advice to help people live healthier lives. Easier, faster and with a much wider range than traditional means.

Digital Displays can also help patients find their way faster. In a hospital or larger clinic, it can be confusing for visitors to find their way. This problem has been solved with interactive maps and folders at the entrance of the building. Unlike static maps, this interactive tool compresses and personalizes information so that visitors only see the information they need. This makes it easier and faster for visitors to find their way.


LED Displays are an ideal means of connecting with staff. The healthcare sector is a personal industry and patients would like to know who they are going to be treated by. Digital signage offers the opportunity to introduce patients to the team in an interesting way. Introductory videos may be shown that showcase both the professional awards and the personality of the team. This builds a stronger relationship of trust with patients.

And LED Display applications not only provide added value for patients. These applications also offer advantages for healthcare workers. For example, properly applied digitization with Displays can significantly reduce the workload on staff because work is done much more efficiently. Digital Display applications are very suitable for recording and scheduling appointments for patients, and these can provide excellent guidance for new visitors with interactive signage tools.

Digital Display applications can also help to better organize care by taking over tasks such as customer intake and information provision. Staff-focused digital screens provide better internal communication. Signage can share information about patient status, workforce scheduling and other important communications. In a large office or building, digital signs can share the same message everywhere, so that staff are always on the same page.


Digital Displays can also help create a cohesive brand. You want to brand a healthcare practice so that it stands out from the competition and resonates in the minds of patients. Digital tools, such as private label TV and personalized billboards, can help promote and enhance your brand through the powerful, visual way of communication.

As a rule, marketing costs are greatly reduced with this form of marketing. A lot of material that has been used in the past and had to be updated with some regularity eventually ends up in the trash and does not need to be re-ordered. Once the content has been digitally processed, it is fairly easy to adjust it again and then immediately present it again. Offline marketing simply cannot compete with this.

Digital Displays can also help in providing openness. The locations of many private clinics generally have an unobtrusive character. That makes sense, because discretion and confidentiality are very important to many customers. On the other hand, it is a missed opportunity. When a clinic is located at a visible location, whether it is an ‘A’ location or not, much more information can be brought out at that location with an LED Display. Even with a smaller display, passers-by are alerted to the possibilities. Many people walk around with a latent need for specialist care. The “digital opening of your doors” can then lower the threshold.

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